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About Us

Darryl A. Kelley & Associates, LLC began as a solo practice in 1998. Since then, the firm has acquired the talent and expertise in the following areas:

Auto Accidents – Slip and falls, wrongful death actions.

Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to receive complete relief from the payment of all dischargeable debt. A chapter 7 bankruptcy case is usually filed by those who own limited assets and whose debts are dischargeable. With certain exceptions, this type of proceeding results in a discharge, or elimination, of all debts. This type of case has been referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows the debtor to reorganize existing debt while stopping foreclosures, repossession, and tax liens. A chapter 13 is a type of bankruptcy intended for individuals who have a regular income and are in a position to repay their debts, in part or in full, over a period of time.

Both chapters allow the debtor to keep homes and cars in most instances and both types of bankruptcies stop wage garnishments, creditor harassment and collection suits. Cases are handled in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Criminal – All types of criminal actions – District Court/Circuit Court

Employment – Discrimination

Estate Administration and Probate – Wills, living wills, power of attorneys and estate administration.

Family Law – Uncontested cases and vigorous representation in contested matters, limited and absolute divorces, custody, visitation and support, marital property, alimony, annulments, domestic violence, ex parte and protective orders, separation agreements, and premarital/prenuptial agreements.

Mediation - Mediation is a process whereby a neutral mediator assists parties in finding their own mutually acceptable resolution of a problem or conflict.  The mediator acts like a facilitator of the negotiations between the individuals in dispute.  The mediator does not impose a solution on the parties.  This process belongs to the parties themselves. 

Mediation is voluntary, private and informal.  No fault or blame is assessed to either party.  The goal is to establish and dialogue between the parties and reach an acceptable solution if possible.

There are many advantages to mediation like the following:

  • It helps settle disputes privately and confidentially. 
  • It’s fast and convenient.
  • It focuses on problem solving rather than placing blame.
  • The process of mutual resolution gives people “place to start” for future interactions.
  • There is little risk.  Agreements are voluntary.
  • Unless court ordered, it keeps judges and lawyers from making decisions that affect you.
  • We mediate in civil, family, community, church and employment matters.

Certified Mediators available to help you.

Traffic – Speeding to drunk driving.


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